5 Great Places to Fly Fish In Texas

Fly fishing is the go-to angling method for a recreationalist. It’s not just about how easy it is to set up – you only need a fishing rod, some line, an appropriate ‘fly’ bait and a good deal of patience. No, it’s the experience as a whole that gets people spending hours on a river’s bank instead of walking into their local grocery store and buying some fillets.

It’s also one of Texans’ favorite activities, in good part because of all the great bodies of water throughout the state. People from Texas love the good things in life – good food, good beverages, good company and a chance to sit back and relax while waiting for the catch to tug. So here are 5 great places to fly fish in Texas, although there are many more to choose from.

Guadalupe River
Size isn’t the only reason why the Guadalupe is such a popular spot for fly fishing (among other activities). Here, the government actually helps anglers get their dinner by stocking the water with tasty trout – all you need to do is catch it, of course. While the river has dealt with a lengthy bout of drought followed by recent severe floods, it’s sure to recapture its title as one of Texas’ top fly fishing spots eventually.

Blanco River
Don’t be too surprised that yet another one of Texas’ beautiful rivers made it into the top 5. While Blanco River isn’t exactly the most popular destination, many consider it somewhat of a hidden gem for fishing and similar water-related activities. The river has a large population of sunfish, panfish and all kinds of bass – even rookie anglers should have no trouble catching their meal. While many love to fly fish on the Blanco from boats or floatation devices, you should keep an eye out for the multiple dams in the area if you’re looking to do the same.

South Padre Island
This is a fairly large body of water that is home to a variety of fish species: sea trout, flounder, redfish and even some of the less common types all frequent the area. The place is rightly called a fly fisher’s paradise, but novice fishermen might have difficulty finding a spot that works for them considering the size of the area.

Lake Buchanan
Like the Guadalupe River, Lake Buchanan is also stocked by the authorities regularly in order to increase angling opportunities. Bass is the name of the game here, and there’s no shortage of bass types to choose from while also enjoying the opportunity to catch the odd crappie or sunfish. Lake Buchanan flows directly into our next great fly fishing spot…

Colorado River
The last but not the least fishing spot to mention, Colorado River is a favorite spot for anglers looking to fish off of a boat – the width and steady flow make it perfect for those lazy summer days when you’d like to take a nap and let your lure do the work. In terms of fish diversity, you won’t get find many better spots in the Texas area: aside from several types of bass, you can also run into carp, perch, crappie and many others.

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