3 Great Places to Fish on the Texas Gulf Coast

The Texas Gulf Coast is a fairly broad term referring to a broad area – since the shore stretches over 400 miles, finding the best place to fish can be difficult. Sure, many of them offer moderate fishing options, but what about those among us who’d like to brag to our friends about landing some epic catches? Here are 3 great fishing places on the Texas Gulf Coast – while you are probably familiar with the locations, you might not have been aware that each of them is an angler’s paradise.

Port Aransas
What better place to start off with than the so-called ‘fishing capital of Texas’? If you’re into some fine angling, Port Aransas will hook you up. Because driving a boat in the area generally involves obtaining a license, many instead opt to take part in one of the ‘fishing cruises’ available daily. For a reasonable fee, an experienced fisherman will take a group of people on a cruise around the port, helping them all catch their own trophy trout or drum. For those preferring to stay ashore, there’s a surprising amount of opportunities to round up some fish, although not nearly as many as you’d get fishing off a boat. If you’re not impressed with the chance to capture some grouper or red snapper, how about your shot at a bona fide shark? That’s bound to elevate your status as an angler.

San Antonio Bay
You didn’t think Texas’ second-biggest city would be deprived of fishing opportunities, did you? Despite the calm waters, it’s the fishing spot of choice for many sport and trophy fishers looking to catch multiple species in a single run. Because of the Bay’s size, you won’t have much trouble with competition, but you’ll also need to know the richest spots if you’re going out into the water. Fortunately, there’s no shortage of guides with a boat and knowledge of the area, ready to turn a newbie fly fisher into a master angler(with modest prerequisites of limitless patience, a lot of time and a little talent, of course). It might lack some of the more exotic fish, but the sheer amount and variety of trout makes San Antonio Bay a perennial contender for the top fishing spot in the country.

Port Mansfield
Like the nearby Laguna Madre, Port Mansfield is a real man’s fishing spot: plenty of challenging fish to catch and a competitive annual fishing tournament make this a place you’ll want to go to if you’re tired of dozing off while waiting for your bait to do its magic. If you have any doubts about Mansfield’s ability to provide large specimens, you need only check the local news and see the 10 foot, 150 lb swordfish caught a couple of years ago. For those looking for something a little less extreme, you’ll have plenty of other options to choose from: what the San Antonio Bay fishing zones might lack in terms of diversity, Port Mansfield more than makes up for, with numerous sailfish, kingfish, pompano, mackerel and snappers to catch, as well as the ubiquitous trout and flounder.