Great Microbrews To Try From San Antonio, Texas

All that fishing will make you thirsty… If you know what I mean. So what’s a microbrew, and why should you care? After all, it doesn’t sound like it can pack enough punch to get you to passionately discuss sports, politics and the latest Gossip Girl episode… ‘Microbrew’ means any beer that isn’t brewed by a large company, hence the ‘micro’ in the name which refers to small breweries.

Many beer enthusiasts choose to venture off the beaten path and make it their mission to try out as many great microbrews as possible; connoisseurs of the drink believe that this kind of beer is stronger, better-tasting and all-around more fun to indulge in. Texas is one of the best places in the U.S. if you’re looking for quality microbreweries, so here are some great microbrews to try while in the great city of San Antonio. I’d recommend getting a limo in San Antonio and taking a microbrew tour. That way, you can enjoy all the beer you like and not have to worry about driving and getting home safely.

Ranger Creek Brewing & Distilling
When talking microbrews, it doesn’t get much better than the Ranger Creek brewery in San Antonio. If you’re making a stop there, you won’t want to miss the all-encompassing tour that details each and every step of the brewing process – even if you’re not a fan of the drink, you’ll gain a newfound respect and admiration for the brewers and their products; you’ll also get to enjoy the company of other, ever-so-slightly inebriated visitors. The fee is as cheap as it could get, too – a full tour with several free microbrew samples costs only $10. Aside from being able to try out and purchase bottles and kegs of some top-notch microbrews, you’ll also be treated to the company’s ‘microwhiskey’ – a delicacy of its own.

Branchline Brewing Company
This is one place you’ll want to mark on your calendar: every month, they host something called the ‘Open House’. For just $10, you’ll get a cup and three pours – plus, you’ll be able to take the cup home with you as a souvenir! They categorize their brews into regular and specialty brews, and each category has some impressive microbrews to try out. The place also has some great barbecue-based food, but come on – with microbrew names like 5 AM to Midnight, Shady Oak Blonde Ale and Evil Owl American Amber, wasn’t this place already on your must-visit list?

Busted Sandal Brewing Company
If you visit this place in sandals, they might indeed become busted from walking attempts after you’ve sampled this microbrewery’s many delicious ales. Instead of focusing more on tours(that are sometimes nonetheless featured), Busted Sandal’s thing comes down to letting visitors sample fine beer as if it was wine. Even first-timers take note of how friendly the atmosphere is, with other patrons greeting you as soon as you’re in, and owners who really seem to enjoy their job description. A cynic might say that’s the doing its magic, but most microbreweries come nowhere near to offering such a friendly vibe. As for the actual beer, you’ll probably find that this place has some of the best microbrews in San Antonio, if not all of Texas. Be careful, though – even some of the brew names, like Slippery Rock, seem to indicate you could end up having a hard time getting home.