Fishing and Camping in Texas

Camping’s not for everyone. It takes a certain type of individual to enjoy a visit to the great outdoors. One might argue that all the modern accessories like fancy tents, strong lighting and portable grills that let you throw a getaway BBQ diminish the ‘wild side’ of things. But still, there’s just something about the whole experience – being so far away from civilization, at the mercy of all those animals, bugs, beetles, snakes, the elements… Many would rather shack in a cozy cottage and enjoy the view from inside.

If you can’t give the wildling side of you a rest, here are the top 7 places to camp in Texas. Proceed with caution, and remember to bring your portable TV, smartphone and a beer container of at least medium size… Come on, those are just the bare necessities!

#1: Palo Duro State Park

If you’ve got a thing for the prairie, this is a great camping spot that’s been called the ‘Grand Canyon of Texas’. It’s a little far off, sure, but every time you exit your tent, you might get a feeling like you’re in one of the classic Western movies – can’t put a price tag on that!

#2: Padre Island National Seashore

This is one of the more ‘civilized’ camping spots you’ll encounter, and also one of the more unusual – it resembles a trip to the beach more than anything else. Still, if you like swimming and fishing and want to know the struggle of newborn turtles reaching the ocean first-hand, this is a great place to be.

#3: Dinosaur Valley State Park

If you’ve always had a thing for those lovable and misunderstood creatures named dinosaurs, this is where you’ll want to set up tent. You’ll be able to see actual dinosaur tracks frozen in time as well as kids-friendly sculptures of the great beasts – the nature around the place isn’t too shabby, either.

#4: Enchanted Rock State Natural Area

This ‘park’ gets its name from the strange pink rocks throughout the area. While there is certainly something enchanting about the rocky terrain and the nature below, you won’t have access to any camper’s relief – nothing but raw nature wherever you look.

#5: Fort Parker State Park

Some other spots on the list have a primal feel to them, but not this one – it’s a family-friendly park that lets your bring your RV and enjoy the wildlife on the premises. Be wary of the alligators, though…

#6: Lake Somerville State Park

This is another great spot for families – kids, in particular, will love this park. Instead of making you go native, this is one spot where you’ll feel free to whip out the portable grill we talked about before. Did we also mention horseback riding is a thing here?

#7: Big Thicket National Preserve

This park will make you work for it, but you’ll find it to be well-worth the effort. Most people make their way into the park using some form of water floatation device, so make sure you’ve got a little bit of that adventurous spirit in you before picking this as your vacation destination.